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Online platform




An interactive online platform makes learning effective and interesting

🛋Repeat the learned material whenever you want - the classes are always available on the platform
🎮Gamified exercises for easy learning of the material
💻A great alternative to paper textbooks and notebooks
🚀Each lesson contains thematic material and a fragment of the book
💁‍♀️You can contact your mentor directly from your account
📱The platform can also be used from a smartphone
🎯Track your goals and progress on the platform

We inspire you to learn English


Years of market leadership


Teachers in the staff of the school


Students come by recommendation


Original teaching programs

50 000+

Students reached their goal

Advantages of our methodology


We use communicative methods based on Oxford and Cambridge approaches to teaching English. It is used in the best educational institutions in the world.


Real life situations are used for role-plays in live communication with a teacher.


Classes are held on the interactive online platform that contains all the necessary study materials.


A wide variety of diverse content is available for students' self-study between one-to-one classes with а teacher.


Our ecosystem guarantees a comprehensive study of the English language: grammar, vocabulary, reading, translation into the native language, listening comprehension, writing, and speaking.


Students join speaking clubs online, where they learn to speak, practice their comprehension skills to perceive speech by ear from different people, and gradually acquire the ability to think in English.


The more classes you have, the lower the price is

  • The lesson lasts 50 minutes
  • Price – from 12.50 eur/lesson
  • There are installment payments

In addition to lessons with a teacher, the price also includes

  • Access to an interactive online platform
  • Speaking clubs to practice speaking skills
  • Support manager who solves all issues
The possibility to pay usingThe possibility to pay using


10 lessons


You will refresh your English and immerse yourself in the online learning process

Per lesson

15 eur

Speaking clubs

14 days


20 lessons


You will fill in blanks in your knowledge and take the first steps in overcoming the language barrier

Per lesson

14 eur

Speaking clubs

1 month


50 lessons


You will get tangible progress and confidence in your English

Per lesson

13.50 eur

Speaking clubs

3 month


75 lessons


You will overcome the language barrier and bring your English up to a new level

Per lesson

12.50 eur

Speaking clubs

6 month

We choose the course program personally

👨‍🎓Basic program by levels
  • A1: Beginner + Elementary
  • A2: Pre-Intermediate
  • B1: Intermediate
  • B2: Upper-Intermediate
  • C1: Advanced
  • C2: Proficient
👩‍💼Special course for professions
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Talks
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • IT
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How to start studying in All Right Pro?

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Leave an application for the first free trial


2 step

Take a trial whenever you want


3 step

Explore the educational platform and study materials


4 step

Discover your current English level


5 step

We will select a personal teacher and training program

Class structure in any course you choose

👨‍💻Checking Homework
🤔Discussion on the topic
🤖We learn new words
💻👩‍💼50 min with a personal teacher

50 lessons – the average duration of the course

10Test 1
20Test 2
30Test 3
40Test 4
laptopFinal test + Certificate

All Right Pro


We study the soft skills of every teacher so that you feel comfortable spending time with them


Have Teacher Education and have an international TOEFL certificate


Our teachers attend regular training and Continuing Education Courses


You can choose a teacher who shares your interests from any corner of the world

Kateryna 👩‍🏫

Kateryna 👩‍🏫

Teaching experience:
10 yrs

Tetiana 👩‍🏫

Tetiana 👩‍🏫

Teaching experience:
4 yrs

Anna 👩‍🏫

Anna 👩‍🏫

Teaching experience:
10 yrs

Andri 👨‍🏫

Andri 👨‍🏫

Teaching experience:
4 yrs

Angelina 👩‍🏫

Angelina 👩‍🏫

Teaching experience:
10 yrs

Alan 👨‍🏫

Alan 👨‍🏫

Teaching experience:
10 yrs

We are highly appreciated and recommended

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Why should you choose to study at All Right Pro?

All Right Pro
Offline school
👩‍💻One-to-one classes
🤓An effective teaching method
💻Classes on the online platform
📅Flexible and convenient class schedule
📢Online speaking clubs
🚏Saving time and money on the road
🎯Ability to track progress

Introductory lesson — free!

Familiarize yourself with the interactive online platform and find out your level of English in a trial lesson

Online english courses for every levelWhy is learning English online effectiveIs learning English online suitable for adults?learn english onlineOnline trainer / AppsPlatform of the online school All Right Pro

What makes learning English at the online school All Right Pro special?

Online-English school All Right Pro is a synergy of modern technology, a personalized approach and Cambridge materials. Classes are taught by a personal teacher on an interactive online platform, or independently if the student feels more comfortable with our online courses. All you need is a gadget and an internet connection to get started. Our students also have access to an entire learning ecosystem that helps them get the results they need: online simulators, speaking clubs, online dictionaries and more. Ready to speak the world's most famous language as soon as possible, then welcome to our English online school!

Are All Right Pro's online english lessons taught by experienced teachers?

We are proud of each of our teachers and thank them for being a part of our team! We work exclusively with the best English teachers, all of whom have relevant qualifications and experience. Before being allowed to give individual online English lessons, teachers go through a multi-level selection process, perhaps even tighter than teachers at Cambridge 😉 Today, All Right Pro employs over 1100 English teachers, both local and native speakers. You even have the opportunity to learn English online from the one that suits your temperament and interests.

Is learning English online suitable for adults?

Don't be unsubstantiated, let's turn to statistics - online English learning is the conscious choice of most adults as well as parents of children: from one year until they move away from them to their own flat 😊. It has long been no secret that many people prefer to learn English online, as it allows flexibility in time planning, learning at a comfortable tempo and location, saving resources, and most importantly, with personalized programs you will achieve results as quickly as possible.

What courses are available at All Right Pro online-English school?

We offer a wide range of interactive online courses, each built around theory and practice. Today there are 16 online courses , 4 of which are basic courses for adults, 4 are basic courses for children and teenagers, and 8 are specialized courses (IT professionals, managers, auditors and others). The courses are designed according to the appropriate level of difficulty and target audience. In addition, All Right Pro offers individual online learning with a teacher, as well as preparation for various exams and tests.

Online trainer / Apps

We have created a unique ecosystem of educational products for our students. With us, you will easily immerse yourself in the exciting process of learning English online. You won't need to use external resources, as everything you need for effective English language learning is always at your fingertips (on any of your gadgets, or all at once if you want).

Platform of the online school All Right Pro

Our interactive online platform allows you to easily and conveniently conduct individual lessons with a teacher. In addition, it contains a digital textbook with lesson materials and homework. For self-study of the language, we offer our students gamified online courses. Our know-how is a free online trainer for practicing knowledge, with which you will quickly expand your vocabulary and easily learn grammar constructions. Conversation online clubs will help you overcome the language barrier.

English at All Right Pro Online School

All Right Pro is a modern online-English school that inspires students to speak the same language as the rest of the world and provides the most convenient innovative educational solutions for this purpose. We believe and prove in practice that language learning can be accessible, happen anywhere and anytime; that digital textbooks, applications, and programs can be interactive and synchronized with all your gadgets, and most importantly, online lessons can be personalized. Our programs are based on Cambridge materials and take into account the peculiarities of information perception by both adults and children, aimed at working with grammar, pronunciation, expanding horizons and removing language barriers. By learning English at our online school, you will definitely achieve your goal. Tens of thousands of our students, thanks to their level of English, have already found jobs in international companies, communicate without barriers with friends, have expanded their circle of international business contacts, and do not need a translator while traveling, watching their favorite blockbusters, or reading popular bestsellers. Unofficially, the English language is one of the most popular languages on earth, and together, step by step, we will achieve even your most ambitious goal!

Benefits or special features of learning English in our school

All Right Pro is an online-English school and one of the top EdTech market leaders in Europe. We have successfully educated students around the world for over 12 years, with more than 50,000 students and 250 companies achieving their goals with us. Our qualified and experienced teachers are the envy of Cambridge, each holding a university degree and passing a rigorous three-level selection process before training students. Our teaching materials are exclusive and gamified, available online 24/7, designed to help students develop their language skills, both written and oral, as quickly as possible. All Right Pro offers real-time online classes with a teacher on a flexible individual schedule, as well as 16 self-study online courses available at all times. We cater to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and provide free access to an online trainer, a dictionary, and topic-based conversation clubs. Sign up for free online learning english before making a decision to enroll.

English program at our school

William Shakespeare, the innovator of his time and author of Romeo and Juliet, introduced many new words to the English language in the 16th century. Similarly, our online-English school has already launched over twenty innovative solutions for learning English online, and we're just getting started! We understand that you have a strong desire to learn English, and we are committed to ensuring that you not only achieve your goals but surpass your wildest expectations. We have created a unique ecosystem of learning products that are interlinked, easy to use, and flexible to cater to our students' diverse needs. Our offerings include ED Class, teacher-led online classes with digital textbooks, and ED Courses, sixteen online courses tailored to students' age, language level, and even profession. We also offer a free online trainer to consolidate new knowledge, the ED Words app for vocabulary improvement, and a cool dictionary that can be installed on your browser in a minute and used as a translator or an individual dictionary. Moreover, our online conversation clubs provide opportunities to speak with the world without barriers. All Right Pro is now twelve years old, and we continue to grow, improve and innovate to provide you with something unique and unparalleled in the online learning market.

How are the classes going?

At All Right Pro, we aim to inspire everyone to learn English. We provide you with every opportunity to improve your language skills anytime, anywhere, and from any gadget using digital textbooks or online course materials. The key factors in all of our online English classes are interactive content based on Cambridge materials, a mix of practice and theory, and the ability to track personal progress and consolidate what you've learned using our online simulator. For those seeking fast results, all you need is an internet connection and 45 minutes of free time. Each one-on-one lesson with our tutor can replace a week of self-study on the internet. If you're unsure when you can study English, our online courses are available 24/7. To fully experience the benefits of our online classes, we recommend signing up for a free trial lesson with one of our teachers or try out the open-ended online lessons. Remember, with All Right Pro, learning English is always exciting and accessible.

Our teachers

At All Right Pro, we measure the quality of our teachers using two key factors: the success rate of our students and the number of new students who join our online school through referrals. Today, more than 50,000 people have achieved their language learning goals, and over 70% of our new students come to us through referrals. Our school boasts over 1100 teachers, all of whom have relevant academic degrees, experience with individual and corporate clients, broad outlooks, and high levels of intelligence. Our teachers regularly attend advanced training courses, specialist training courses, and seminars to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. You have the opportunity to study one-on-one English online with a native speaker or one of our best local teachers. You even have the unique opportunity to find a teacher who is tailored to your personality and interests. At All Right Pro, we are committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience, and our expert teachers are a critical component of that mission.

Student support

At All Right Pro, we start by forgetting the word "impossible," because with us, you can learn to speak English with confidence and ease. Our online learning platform allows students to track their progress and mistakes, while suggesting exercises tailored to their needs. We are constantly updating our materials and exercises to keep up with current trends and students' needs. Please note that you will always have a personal сurator available to assist you with any administrative issues, help you find a relevant online course or personal tutor for your level, and personalize your lessons according to your schedule. To make your learning experience as fun and engaging as possible, we regularly post language-learning tips on our social media pages, curate themed collections of useful phrases in English, review dialogues from blockbusters, and provide detailed explanations of grammar and pronunciation details. By subscribing to our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages, you'll fall in love with the English language for sure!


The price of one-to-one online classes starts from 12,5 eur and depends on the number of lessons in the package and the type of teacher. It can be either a native speaker or a perfect connoisseur of the English language. If you intend to take the English online course completely, pay for everything at once, and you will have the most favorable conditions.
Notify us of your absence at least 12 hours before class and your lessons will remain safe and sound. And all because we will have time to warn the teacher, he will rearrange the schedule and spend their time with benefit. If you don't make it in time, the lesson will burn. Everything is honest, isn't it?
Yes you can! You get a refund you paid for one of the packages without any problems. Unless % for transactions may be lost along the way. It is all the bank's responsibility, we're sure you are aware of.
As much as you want. We recommend 2-4 times a week.
Yes. If you want to get our language certificate, after completing this course you will pass a test, based on which the certificate will be issued. However, you must achieve a minimum test score to be eligible for certification.
You can learn English online using many resources, but the only thing that will satisfy you is the result. We recommend our online-English school. Whether you take our online English course or study with one of our teachers, you'll always see progress because learning is personalized using the Cambridge Method and made as convenient and mobile as possible. More than 50,000 students have already achieved their goals with us. Are you ready to join the ranks of those who know and use English in practice? Then install our app.
Whether you choose to free online learn english or for a fee is up to you. However, the first thing you should focus on is determining your language skills, as this is an important part of the successful learning process and, in some cases, a stepping stone to a career. If you need formal confirmation of your knowledge, you can take a test and receive an appropriate certificate from one of the following international schools: TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English. The free online Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) can help you obtain an English language level on the internationally recognized CEFR scale. You can also sign up for a free trial lesson online, where an experienced teacher will determine your level of English.
As the hero of a film used to say: "I see the goal! I see no obstacles!" You are lucky, you have every opportunity to learn English. All you need is the internet, a mobile phone (or computer), time and a programme to study. In any case, to get the most out of it, take a multi-faceted approach - create an English-speaking environment around you and learn English from different resources and in different formats. For example, you can watch videos in English, listen to audio, read books and articles, and study online English at the same time
We register a new student on the All Right Pro platform, where there is a personal account. From there the payment is made. You paid, and the manager received a notification in the system and added lessons to your balance. Easy and simple. You can pay with any bank card, even a currency card, and in this case, the conversion takes place at the rate of your bank.
First, it is financially beneficial. Both you and your teacher join the class from home or any other convenient place. Accordingly, the company does not spend money on renting premises and can set a much lower price for classes.

Secondly, the teacher's attention is completely focused on you. During these 50 minutes of the lesson, there are only the two of you: your pronunciation is carefully polished, your grammar is carefully corrected, and you can ask any question and get an answer immediately. Priceless.

Thirdly, you can choose a teacher from any corner of the world. We have 1100 professionals on the team. What offline school can do something like this?!

And finally, no textbooks and notebooks. We study on an interactive online platform that has everything you need: grammar exercises, exercises for learning words and training pronunciation, videos and books, tracking progress, and a lot of goodies.
Sign up for a FREE trial, where the teacher will determine your level of English, show you our online platform, and select a personal study program for you. You can choose either a General program by level (A1, A2, B2, and so on) or a Special course according to your professional skills (law, finance, marketing, etc.) As you can see, all you need is a laptop/smartphone with internet access and a desire to study.
We offer flexible and easy installment payments, thanks to which you can spread the course payment over 5 or 10 wplats (regarding large packages).
English is spoken by more than one and a half million people around the world. Perhaps one of them is your potential employer, or the love of your life, and certainly many favourite actors, writers, artists, and scientists. Do you want to speak the same language as them? Now is your time to learn English online. Having a clear goal is halfway to success. Decide why you want to learn English. Make your goal specific, measurable, and achievable. Create a learning plan. Find resources that allow you to learn English anywhere, at any time. Join an online conversation club. Keep track of the progress you're making. And of course, always reward yourself for the work you've done.
It is important to understand that age is not a determining factor in learning English. The main factors are motivation, method, and time. According to psychologists' recommendations, children between the ages of one and twelve learn a new language more quickly than any other age group. They easily remember new sounds, words, and grammar structures, have no "language barriers," and are not afraid of making mistakes. At the same time, as practice shows, people who start learning English at an older age also achieve results. If you're serious about learning English, start now! There's no limit to what you can achieve in English, so never rest on your laurels.
There are many resources available to learn English online. Choose one that suits your purpose, the time available and your needs. It is important that the resource allows you to fully immerse yourself in the learning process, and that it is personalised and convenient. Online-English school is suitable for those who want to achieve the best results, in the shortest amount of time possible and for those who have had negative experiences with English language learning in the past. Online English courses on your mobile phone are the ideal solution for those who appreciate the freedom and modern technology. Watching movies and TV shows in English allows you to experience the flavor and richness of the language, but for grammar practice, online courses are indispensable.